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Have you considered getting a Botox injection and are surprised by how many dental offices offer this injectable treatment? Aren’t plastic surgeons the go-to for this treatment? Can dentists in the Camarillo, California, area administer Botox? The answer is not only yes, but a resounding yes! Dentists like Dr. Ali Soltanirad (Dr. Rad) at Dos Caminos Dental are an excellent option for this cosmetic treatment.

Dentists are specialists in facial structure

When you seek a medical professional with specialized, comprehensive expertise in a human being’s facial anatomy, there is nobody better than a dentist. Dentists undergo specialized training in the oral and maxillofacial areas. This includes every area of the face, starting from the tip of the chin all the way up to the forehead, providing dentists with the knowledge to place injections in these areas safely. A dentist will also have a thorough understanding of the nervous and vascular system of the face.

Botox can do more than eliminate wrinkles and fine lines

When you hear or think about Botox, you likely immediately think about the cosmetic benefits this injectable offers. It is an industry leader in the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles. However, many dentists have started to use Botox because it also offers clinical benefits. Those who visit the dentist with pain in the temporomandibular joint or other areas of the face as a symptom of bruxism (chronic teeth grinding and jaw clenching) could find the relief they need via an injection of Botox. Botox is not the substance being injected but rather the brand name. What is actually being injected is called botulinum toxin, which can help with facial pain. It is a minimally invasive treatment option when compared to surgical options that can be performed for these same issues.

Dentists have experience with facial injections

Every day, all around the world, dentists have to resort to intraoral injections to administer anesthetic before certain dental procedures. This makes them very experienced in administering injections quickly and nearly pain-free. This is great when administering a Botox injection and ensures the process is quick and comfortable.

Dentists are educated in creating perfect facial proportions

While dentists perform more common cosmetic dental treatments, they are educated in knowing how to create the ideal ratio between a patient’s lips and teeth. When you visit a dentist for a Botox injection, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting treatment from somebody who has a comprehensive understanding of the facial anatomy and what will look best.

Dentists receive additional training in the administration of Botox injections

Just as your local dentist had to go through dental school so they could study to become a dentist, learning all about the anatomy of your facial structure, they must also undergo specific training for administering Botox injections. This means your dentist will have both practical and theoretical knowledge of the procedure. When all is said and done, if you want to get a Botox injection, there is nobody better to see than a dentist.

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