Meet Dr. Ali Soltanirad

Became a dentist in 2001 back in Iran his native country. After a few years of working as a general practitioner, he decided to sharpen his saws more toward cosmetic dentistry. He spent 3 full years as a cosmetic and restorative dental resident at Tehran Dental school and treated all types of dental/facial cosmetic dentistry. After he received his specialty in cosmetic/restorative dentistry, he practiced as a cosmetic dentist for 7 years and then he moved to the US to start his new journey. He got accepted to USC dental school right away due to his competitive resume and great hand skills. He was on the dean’s list in almost all trimesters and graduated with honors in 2020. The combination of his past experience and what he learned at USC made him a thorough, knowledgeable, highly skilled dentist.

He treats his patients the way he would like to be treated. He is calm and a really good listener. Patients appreciate his ability to listen and understand their issues. He likes to give a thorough explanation of his treatment plan and help them to get problems solved.

By incorporating new technology he is able to help people with a more innovative technique. Combining his years of experience in cosmetic and restorative dentistry with the teeth movement concept via Invisalign, he believes that he is able to deliver more conservative, more stable, and healthier treatments to patients.

With the vision he has gotten throughout the years of treating patients with unhealthy bites and unhappy smiles, he is also an advocate of prevention. His goal is to start treating patients at early age to prevent future problems. So they may need minimal or no bite or cosmetic treatments in the future.

Dr.Rad tries to be a good friend to his team and his patients. He believes in personal development at any age or career path. That’s why they have added a book club at Dos Caminos Dental. Every team member needs to read some part of a book and discuss it with the others so that everyone learns something new that’s helpful for them in their professional and personal life. Another goal is to plan a health club with the whole team to start getting healthier. It contains group workouts and specific diets.

Dr. Rad is a compassionate father of 2 sons, a kind and helpful husband to his wife, and a passionate dentist. During his free time, he works on being a professional singer and also plays two Persian instruments. As a young athlete, he played soccer and basketball back in dental school and even won championships. He likes to spend his free time having date nights with his wife, spending quality time with his two toddler sons, playing basketball, and practicing his vocals.

Dr. Rad would like to start free dental treatment for those in need a few times a year to help his community.