What Are Dentures And Partials, And How Do They Restore My Smile?

Dr. Ali Soltanirad (Dr. Rad) of Dos Caminos Dental in Camarillo, California, is a dental professional who can assist patients in restoring their smiles when tooth loss occurs. There are several options available to patients who are missing teeth, and our goal is to help you choose the solution most appropriate for your budget and personal situation. Dentures and partials might be the most suitable for those seeking an economical option.

What Are Dentures And Partials?

Dentures and partials are dental prosthetics used to replace missing teeth. Dentures are full sets of replacement teeth and gums that fit over the entire upper or lower jaw, while partials are smaller, removable replacements for one or more missing teeth. Both dentures and partials can be made from various materials, including acrylic resin and metal alloy frames. They require periodic adjustments to ensure they fit comfortably in the mouth, as well as regular cleaning to keep them free from plaque and bacteria buildup.

How Often Do Most Dentures And Partials Last?

Dentures often need to be replaced every five years or so due to wear and tear on the material, whereas partials can typically last 10-15 years before needing replacement. Determining which restoration is best for your unique smile starts with a consultation appointment and initial evaluation with our team of professionals at Dos Caminos Dental.

What Are The Main Types Of Dentures?

Traditionally, patients choose full or complete dentures, which replace all the teeth within the dental arch. These are firmly placed using denture adhesives or natural suction. However, patients who find their dentures to shift, rub, and fall out at inconvenient times may be interested in learning about implant-supported dentures. Instead of being removable, these dentures are fixed in place by a number of dental implants embedded along the dental arch, which use the natural bone of the jaw for a strong foundation.

How Do I Learn More About Dentures And Partials?

Call Dr. Ali Soltanirad (Dr. Rad) of Dos Caminos Dental in Camarillo, CA, at (805) 482-1616 to discuss your options. He serves patients in Thousand Oaks, Ventura City, Newbury Park, and Oxnard, CA.