How Dental Bridges Can “Bridge The Gap” Where Teeth Are Missing

At Dos Caminos Dental, we understand the importance of restoring your smile to its fullest potential. We aim to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. With dental bridges from our experienced team in Camarillo, California, you can enjoy the confidence of having a complete, functional set of teeth that look and feel like your own. Dr. Ali Soltanirad (Dr. Rad) and his team are here to assist with quality bridges for tooth replacement.

How Are Dental Bridges Used In Restoring The Smile?

Our dentist, Dr. Ali Soltanirad (Dr. Rad) of Dos Caminos Dental, uses dental bridges to restore our patients’ smiles after tooth loss or damage. This includes replacing the front teeth. Bridges are a type of restoration that fill in the gap created by a missing tooth while maintaining the integrity and structure of surrounding teeth. A bridge comprises two dental crowns that fit over existing teeth on either side of the gap. These anchor teeth securely hold the new artificial tooth in place, filling in the space left behind by a missing tooth. A dental bridge is a cost-effective way of restoring the smile after tooth extraction or loss.

Why Choose Dos Caminos Dental For Your Fixed Dental Bridges?

At Dos Caminos Dental, we take great care to ensure that each bridge fits comfortably and looks natural for our patients. Our experienced dentist crafts each custom-made bridge with materials designed specifically for long-term durability and esthetics. He will make sure your bridge blends seamlessly with your natural teeth and provides a secure, lasting solution that meets your needs. At each cleaning and evaluation, Dr. Ali Soltanirad (Dr. Rad) can evaluate your restorations to ensure they are functioning as expected and recommend when they may need to be replaced.

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