How Dental Crowns Are Used In Restorative Dentistry At Dos Caminos Dental

Dr. Ali Soltanirad (Dr. Rad) of Dos Caminos Dental in Camarillo, California, explains to patients how dental crowns are a reliable and effective tool used in restorative dentistry. Dental crowns, also referred to by some patients as caps, are a type of covering made from materials like metal, ceramic, or porcelain placed over a tooth’s visible area. They are best used to address cracked and chipped teeth or teeth with very large cavities that have significantly reduced the strength and integrity of the tooth itself.

Why Might I Need A Crown?

Crowns are often used to strengthen a tooth that is affected by decay or trauma, and they can also be used to improve the look of an unsightly tooth. They have been known to last for many years, making them an excellent choice for long-term dental restorations. Crowns can also anchor bridges, cover implants and root canals, create more space between crowded teeth, and protect weak teeth from further damage.

What Does Getting A Crown Involve?

The process of obtaining a quality dental crown usually requires two visits. During your first appointment at Dos Caminos Dental, Dr. Rad will take x-ray images, prepare the damaged tooth by removing any decayed material, and then make an impression of the existing tooth. The impression is sent to an outside laboratory where a ceramist will use it to create your permanent crown. In the meantime, you will wear a temporary crown until your second appointment. During this visit, Dr. Rad will ensure the fit of your new crown is ideal before cementing it into place with strong and lasting dental adhesive.

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